Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jay Rolfe: Celebration ... my journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso

Don't you just love the future Jay Rolfe is projecting for himself? I do!

This has been a day of celebration! It started last night when we got a late call from our son who was overjoyed that his beautiful wife had just given birth to their first child! Mother and baby are doing great. By the time we called various relatives, it was past midnight, so early this morning. We celebrated by popping the cork and toasting our new grandson and his devoted, loving and excited parents with a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut champagne (extremely dry yet with a fruity taste and tiny bubbles).

We spent much of the afternoon today visiting the cute little fellow and his happy parents who were so excited they weren't tired even after little sleep. I love seeing the large, finely formed hands and feet of newborns. It's amazing! He has a cute face and a full head of hair. (Oops, I sound like a proud granddad, which I am! Although I feel way too young to be a granddad. But I guess I'd better stop raving about my grandson.)

Celebration, like beautiful art, is an important part of life, and I'm in celebration mode. So today celebration is part of Jay Rolfe's journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso. You can see some expressions of my unique artistic idea on my website at

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