Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

Artist Jay Rolfe had lunch at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA) at the Art Salad brown bag program. The program was run by Curator of Education Holly Jackson who was very welcoming. The Executive Director Maxine Gaiber, previously with the San Diego Museum of Art, was also very welcoming. The program was Art:21, the Paradox episode from the PBS series Season 4. It was great to hear artist Robert Ryman, who is a painter, say that the purpose of painting is "to bring pleasure." I agree!

I looked again at what I found to be the most interesting painting to me when I visited 2 weeks ago. It was called "March 2004" by Ben Whitehouse. It was 31 small canvases arranged like a calendar, 7 across and starting on a Monday and ending on a Wednesday. The artist said all 31 canvases were painted outdoors between 7-9 am each day from the same place in Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan. They all showed only the lake and sky. There was quite a bit of variation in the water, big and small waves, calm and stormy, and also in the sky. I liked the idea and it was well executed. I've noticed in a number of small and midsize museums that the curators seem to really go for passage of time pieces like this one. I hope it was alright to take this picture (without flash) which is my photo of the day.

That's the latest step of artist Jay Rolfe on his Journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso. You may view some of Jay Rolfe's Unique Artistic Idea, his Hyper Representational 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas paintings, on his website at Artist Jay Rolfe uses vibrant color, 3-D, recognizable shape, and huge size to reveal beauty, touch emotion in a positive way, and create an Uplifting Conversation Piece.

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