Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tulum Mexico

Artist Jay Rolfe travelled to Tulum Mexico to see the ancient Mayan ruins. Perhaps it will inspire a Jay Rolfe 3DSSC painting. Tulum is on Mexico's Riviera Maya coast about 2 hours south of Cancun. The coastal site was beautiful, and the stone buildings and pyramid impressive. Tulum had been a seaport, a trading center. The day we visited Tulum was the only rainy day we had in Mexico. My face could have told you we had little rain, as my face peeled from sunburn for a week after returning. Today's first photo is of some of the impressive stone buildings, the second photo is of Jay Rolfe and his wife Randy Rolfe at the site, and the third photo is of the beautiful shoreline just behind the building in the first picture.

It's been raining for days at home. The drought we've had for the past few months seems to be well over.

This is the latest step of artist Jay Rolfe on his Journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso. You may view some of Jay Rolfe's unique artistic idea, his 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas paintings, on his website at

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