Saturday, September 1, 2007

Van Gogh at the Pushkin Museum

Artist Jay Rolfe intended to move on from sharing his fascination with the Van Gogh paintings in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow without showing you the fifth painting because it isn't very different from other Van Gogh's you can see in museums in this country. However, to be complete, I'll show it to you. It's titled "Portrait of Doctor Rey" and was painted in 1889. I've seen other portraits of Doctor Rey, and this one has a different background and in particularly well done. This completes the 5 Van Gogh paintings at the Pushkin which changed my view of Vincent Van Gogh. I hope you enjoyed seeing photos of them. I sure enjoyed seeing the originals.

That's the latest step of artist Jay Rolfe on his Journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso. You may view some of Jay Rolfe's unique artistic idea, his 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas paintings, on his website at

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