Saturday, September 22, 2007


Artist Jay Rolfe was finally able to hang his new 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas painting Thunderbolt and photograph it. It's height of 10 feet was quite a challange, as the moveable wall constructed to hang and photograph paintings on is at most 9 1/2 feet high.

So here is today's photo of Thunderbolt, the latest 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas painting by Jay Rolfe. These photos are amateur photos, and not touched up or even lighted professionally. They just give you an idea of the power of the painting which is awesome in person. I'm excited!

This is the latest step of artist Jay Rolfe on his Journey From Starving Artist To 21st Century Picasso. You may view some of Jay Rolfe's unique artistic idea, his 3-D Shaped Stretched Canvas paintings, on his website at

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